Build An Alka Seltzer Bed Bug Trap


In the last decade, we’ve seen a resurgence of bed bugs in the United States. Bed bugs aren’t just an “American” problem — people all over the world are dealing with more bed bug problems.

Before treatments are done, it’s important to make sure bed bugs are present. Inspections require removing bed linens, turning over mattresses and box springs, looking for bed bug droppings, and bed bugs themselves.


A bed bug trap needs an attactant that mimics the CO2 gas that all human beings exhale.  When Alka-Seltzer is placed in water , Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas is given off,  all those bubbles are filled with it and CO2 is an attractant to bed bugs and tells tem that a food source is nearby (that food source being you!).

Bed Bug Trap Materials List

In order to build your own alka seltzer bed bug trap you’ll need a plastic cat litter box, glue, white paint, baby power (avoid powder made with cornstarch), scissors, cloth, foam brush, wet sponge, disposable hand warmers, a plate and 4 Alka-Seltzer tablets and Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Prepare Your Alka Seltzer Bed Bug Trap Box
1.  Paint the bottom of the litter box white so that the trapped bugs are easy to identify.

2.  Once the paint has dried, cut the top of the box off so that edges are straight.  Cut sections of your towel that will fit on the outside of the box and glue them in place taking care to not leave any gaps between the cloth and side where the bugs can hide. Make sure the cloth goes the entire length of the side so that as you lay the trap on the floor, it touches the carpet (or wood, etc). This makes it easy for the bed bugs to climb up the side.

3.  Apply a light dusting of diatomaceous earth to the bottom and insides of the trap.  This will help prevent the bed bugs from climbing out of your alka seltzer bed bug trap and, if left there long enough, wil kill the bed bugs.

Get Ready for the Bed Bug Battle

1.  Activate the hand warmer and place it in the center of the plate.

2.  Place the wet sponge on the hand warmer and then the space the alka seltzer tablets evenly on the sponge.

3.  Now take the plate and everything that’s on it and place it inside the box.
The moisture in the sponge will keep the Alka-Seltzer reaction active and continually release CO2; this should be enough to attract any bed bugs in hiding close to the trap. Once they are in the trap, they will be unable to leave and you’ll have begun the war against bed bugs.


Placing the alka seltzer tablets in room temeratuere water will cause the CO2 to release to quickly.  In order to control your bed bug infestation, you need to repeat this process nightly until all signs of bed bugs are gone.  This may take up to several weeks depending on the severity of the infestation.
Don’t give up and you can live bed bug free at a fraction of the cost of a professional exterminator.