What Do Bed Bugs Look Like

Most people can recognize common housefly and mosquitoes. These insects are big enough and they invade our homes at any time of the day so we can see them. They can be found anywhere in the world and the potential diseases, like malaria and dengue, they bring to humans are known and actively been pursued for their cures.

There are other insects, like bed bugs, that are not as ubiquitous and surreptitious in their means of attack. Bed bugs are unlike other insects because they are equally potent in transmitting diseases but they evade our notice because of their size. In spite of this, it is still possible to recognize a bed bug as adults are not too small and if we are only particular in looking for one.

What do bed bugs look like? They are wingless insects that derive their food from blood, animal’s or human’s. Young bed bugs are as big as poppy seeds and adults can grow to about a quarter of inch in length. Their color ranges from white to red to dark brown, the color transformation being an indicator of the stage of their development. Bed bugs can survive in direst situation; they suspend their development when food is scarce and temperature drops. The body of a bed bug is flat from top to bottom, but is oval in head according to Harvard School of Public Health. Because of their appearance, they are a dead ringer to and mistaken for ticks and fleas.

They are highly adapted to human environment and are found in areas of the world with temperate climate. They have disappeared in most parts of the world when strong pesticides were permitted to be used. They are appearing again as these pesticides are banned for reportedly harsh environmental consequences. Their inability to develop wings limits them from flying. When they are disturbed, they search frantically for cover like tiny crevices, cracks, and temporary shelters like papers, book covers, etc. University of Kentucky Entomology reveals they usually live beside the bed or furniture near it or places that are usually used for sleeping.

For bed bugs treatment there are different ways. It is very important that we know what do bed bugs look like. It is a primary concern for mothers and housekeeping to always maintain the place bedbug-proof. It is hard enough to look for evidence of their infestation, except when bites are starting to appear and their presence is confirmed.